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IMPORTANT NEWS + (link --> my playlist during I'm working)

IMPORTANT : I have some big news for you subscribers. As you know, I was afk from my tumblr during more than one year (cuz music, records, tour in europ with a band as manager and driver “merge” check them out, travel…). I’m back now and I will diversify my artworks and show you some of my projects as graphist, musician, video maker, photographer and continue to share a lot of the most important : Draws.

Hope you will enjoy and show me your beautiful artworks in return, Love.



- I created a playlist, verry cool when I’m workin, link above

- My works will be signed as “steel sound studio” now, this is the name of my business, to see more about my job :

- My facebook is open to everyone now :

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heimoira asked: thank you so much for liking my artwork, it means alot. <3 your artwork is really amazing, how long have you been drawing? :) do you know any good artist blogs here on tumblr? or anyone beginning artists who are just starting to draw? tell me about yourself :)

I draw since i’m 3 yrs old (with some breaks in my life), if you want to discover artists like me, you should follow tags like “artists on tumblr” “art” or “drawing”.

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ada-sandoval asked: It took me like... 15 minutes to find how to ask you a question lol. But I'm not here to do that. I'm here to tell you that you're an incredible cartographer :) I'm not half as good as you but I accept that :) We all have different talents, different strengths in them.. and yours happens to be creating amazing portraits and realistic sketches. Keep doing what you do! :) - Ada

I really apreciate, thanks !

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third-eye-speak-deactivated2012 asked: Thanks for checking out and liking my pictures! Your art is amazing and I can see that you get told that daily, it must feel really good :) I'm an artist as well but I am soooo out of practice haha but I def appreciate the passion you have, very cool

Thanks ! Continues to practice as you can (if u can) and share what you do with us ;)

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nigerianclassact asked: Your drawings are amazing , how long do they take you?

Question frequently asked. So it depends of the quality of the work, but 3, 4 hours, sometimes 5 or 6. Hope i answered your question correctly.

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Sketch of a lovely close friend who leaved my country some years ago (retouch with photoshop this time due to gum traces, pencil spreading etc&#8230; and setting has contrast, brightness and levels&#8230;)

Sketch of a lovely close friend who leaved my country some years ago (retouch with photoshop this time due to gum traces, pencil spreading etc… and setting has contrast, brightness and levels…)

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Message for followers

To all my followers, i’m sorry for last week, i just need to meditate about  some things. I’ll create nothing for a little moment but i promise you all that i will be back next week ! However, i’m glad to see all people who follow me, support me and all people who frequently take a look on this page.

Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot, i love you all !

- Digital Eagle

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zucor asked: Hello, I just wanted to say that your graphite drawings are lovely! I like that they're rendered loosely and not so harsh like some other realistic portraits.

Hi ! thank you so much, i try to approach the realism of a photography and don’t overstep into my style. I really apreciate your comment ;)